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Solid mechanics embraces all aspects of the behavior of deformable bodies under loads. Thus in addition to include the theory of linear elasticity with the applications to structural materials, solid mechanics also incorporates nonlinear theories of highly deformable materials.

The interests and expertise formed at the division of Solid Mechanics encompass theoretical and computational aspects of contininuum mechanics and structural mechanics.

At the division of Solid Mechanics research is performed in the areas of:
contact and impact mechanics
mechanics of materials and structural vibration

The educational programs consist of:

undergraduate courses and
postgraduate courses.

The Division in outline:
Staff: 6
Graduate Students: 7
Degree Courses: 7
Lectures per year: 600

Historical background - heads of the division
Prof. B. G. A. Persson (1969-1982)
Assoc. Prof. H. Odenö (1982-1987)
Prof. B. Fredriksson (1987-1988)
Assoc. Prof. H. Odenö (1988-1990)
Prof. L. Nilsson (1990- )


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