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Optimal modules for affordable crashworthiness light weight structures

A platform consists of several products (cars), where each product is partly based on the same modules (structural parts) as other products. The project aims at optimizing a whole platform by choosing optimal modules, which seems to be a new idea in structural optimization. The meaning of optimal has to be made precise: In this project we aim at looking at energy absorption for crash as well as cost and stiffnes.

As an overall question in this project lies the definition of modules. For instance, different concerns may like to use different modularizations. An open mind during the whole project is requested: one should not to use a problem definition that does not correspond to practical requirements.

In the case cost minimization, cost of material as well as production costs should be considered. An interesting possibility is to use different weights for different products in the optimization goal.

A unique idea of this project is that platform optimization can be obtained by a strategy that resembles that used in classical structural optimization for treating several load cases: The design variables relate to the modules and are common to all products in the platform, while each product defines separate state problems with separate states. Thus, although we can build on a known procedure, we formulate a type of optimization problem that seems not to have been treated before.

Page responsible: Bo Torstenfelt
Last updated: 2008-02-07