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Optimization of Sheet Metal Forming Processes

Different objectives and numerous constraints govern the design of a sheet metal forming process. It is often hard to understand, and thus also to meet the objectives by using the conventional hardware trial and error based design. By varying selected design parameters in a model and running the simulations, the designer can evaluate new objective and constraint values. Eventually, the influence of the different design parameters will be understood and a better design can be developed.

Major goals for the project are:

  • Optimisation of sheet metal forming processes based on Response Surface Methodology (RSM) and Space Mapping
  • A strategy for the usage of optimization in forming processes; e.g. to find the optimal blank-holding forces, pressure sequences, adaptive lubrication etc
  • Investigate accurate, robust and efficient optimisation methodologies for industrial sheet metal forming applications

  • Page responsible: Bo Torstenfelt
    Last updated: 2008-02-07